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What's Your Next Step?

 Maybe you're just starting out in your relationship with Jesus, but don't know how to move forward with it. 

Maybe you're new to our church, and are ready to make Eufola your church home.

Maybe you've been a part of our church family, and you're ready to get plugged in somewhere to serve. 

We want to make these steps easy and clear for you! 

You can be a part of our Base Camp: Discipleship and Membership Classes. We'll take you through what the process of membership is here at Eufola step by step. In our discipleship classes, we'll go step by step through vital parts of our faith, and why they're important. 

If you're ready to follow the Lord in believer's baptism, you can find information about that here, too.  

 Are you ready to get plugged in to an area of service at Eufola, and begin having an immediate imapct?

 Click through the links to find out what your next step is!